Explore StockRepublic's Social Trading API, offering a trustworthy and transparent platform tailored for social trading with unique features.

An overview of how the StockRepublic API works and what features it has.

Introducing Our Social Trading API: A Trustworthy and Transparent Solution

Welcome to our Social Trading API documentation, designed to elevate the social trading experience by fostering trust and transparency among users. Unlike general social media platforms, our purpose-built social trading platform, StockRepublic, offers unique features that help mitigate the risks associated with sharing trading information online and promotes accountability and transparency, ensuring a safer and more reliable experience for users.

User Privacy and Transparency in Data Collection

We only require holdings and transaction history data, which we tag to a secret and anonymized user identifier provided by the bank. Users can choose to remain anonymous or select a personal pseudonym when they opt-in. Anonymized data ensures that we never know which customer owns what, and we only present holdings and transactions as percentages and VWAP. This ensures customer privacy and transparency without revealing monetary values, promoting a level playing field and focusing on investment strategies.

Unique Ranking System for Credibility

Our platform features a unique ranking system based on risk-adjusted returns over time. A high ranking instills trust in a user's profile and discourages misuse of that trust for short-term gains. In addition, this ranking system fosters an environment where users are motivated to maintain their credibility and share reliable trading information.

Social Trading Features that will Boost customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.

Elevate your brokerage platform by integrating StockRepublic's powerful Social Trading Feature Sets, designed to offer unparalleled user engagement and data-driven insights. Investment Insights empowers your users with advanced analytical tools, including climate analysis, ratings, returns, risk diversity, top lists, and aggregated data, allowing them to make well-informed investment decisions. In addition, Social Engagement fosters a vibrant trading community where users can showcase their portfolios and compare risk, performance, and climate impact while maintaining privacy through the use of aliases.


Elevate the social trading experience of your brokerage

Get started with our Social Trading API to experience a social trading platform emphasizing trust, transparency, and accountability and discover the benefits of a purpose-built solution for your trading community.