Investment Insights

Integrate Investment Insights to empower your end-users with data-driven decision making. Boost engagement and stay ahead of the competition.

This guide assists you in integrating advanced analytical tools into your platform, empowering users to make informed investment decisions using climate analysis, ratings, returns, risk diversity, top lists, and aggregated data. The StockRepublic platform collects user data to provide macro-level insights on user sentiment and broader trends, further informing users' investment strategies.

Climate Analysis: Assess CO2 Risks

The StockRepublic API offers a climate analysis and assessment of CO2 risks

Our climate analysis assigns a CO2 risk level (low, medium, or high) to stocks, ETFs, and funds based on data from our partners, Sustainalytics and ISS. This enables your customers to make environmentally conscious investment decisions.

Portfolio Rating: Evaluate Risk-Adjusted Returns

A graphic illustrating our 5-star rating system, which uses a proprietary algorithm to assess portfolios based on risk-adjusted returns, incentivizing prudent investing and highlighting top-performing influencers in the community.

Using a proprietary algorithm, our 5-star rating system evaluates each portfolio based on risk-adjusted returns. This rewards users who achieve higher gains relative to their risk exposure, encouraging careful investing and promoting them as valuable influencers within the community.

Return: Measure Portfolio Performance

The StockRepublic API feature, Return, looks at the gains or losses of a users portfolio independent of risk

We analyze the gains or losses of a user's portfolio independently of risk, considering the performance of each stock and fund. This aggregated measurement takes into account the portfolio's weightings.

Risk Diversity: Understand Portfolio Diversification

The StockRepublic rating algorithm calculates risk-adjusted returns portfolio/account and is proprietary

Our risk diversity feature gives users an overview of their investment diversification across markets, sectors, and security types (stocks, funds, or rates). The assessment is benchmarked against top-rated users' portfolios, with a diversified portfolio typically including four or more markets and three or more sectors.

Top Lists: Discover High-Performing Portfolios

An image showcasing Top Lists, which are auto-generated rankings of users based on their ratings and categorized into sublists such as "Top Performers" and "Green Portfolios." These lists serve as a resource for new users by featuring top-rated investors with diverse strategies, such as few stocks or low risk.

Top Lists are content based on the performance of users. They are automatically curated and can be used in any channel. The basis of the top lists are the users Rating (see above) in each sublist. Examples of sublists are “Top performers” and “Green portfolios” where the former is the users with the highest rating and the latter is highly rated users which invest in securities with low Climate exposure.

Top Lists are also used to guide new users, where a top list can be created specifically for best performers with few stocks or highest rated users with low risk.

Weekly Updates (e-mail)

The weekly update is a feature from the StockRepublic API that provides every investor a summarized performance.

Weekly updates enable you to summarize a single investor's performance, compare it to the stock market and your community, and share actionable insights through automatic weekly e-mails.

Buy & Sell Trends

Buy and Sell Trends provides valuable insight into the market's mood, capturing both positive and negative trends that can inform the end-users' investment decisions, and is a powerful tool for a comprehensive market sentiment overview.


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