Social Engagement

Discover StockRepublic's API Social Engagement features to enhance your brokerage's user experience, fostering connections, transparency, and collaboration.

Welcome to our Social Engagement feature set of the StockRepublic API. Our goal is to help you enrich the trading experience for your customers, allowing them to display their portfolios and compare risk, performance, and climate impact with others, all while preserving privacy with aliases.

Profiles: Establish a Social Presence for Your Customers

Social profiles from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

Profiles serve as the user's "public face" within any StockRepublic Investment community, displaying public posts and transactions. They enable users to view each other's portfolio, performance, and followers. Utilize our code examples to integrate and set up user profiles seamlessly.

Code example of retrieving a user's profile:

  "id": "d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
  "name": "Bobby Tables",
  "slug": "bobby-tables",
  "image": {
    "id": "d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
    "url": ""
  "location": "string",
  "birth_year": 0,
  "index": {
    "id": "d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
    "name": "Ericsson B",
    "slug": "ericsson-b",
    "image": {
      "id": "d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
      "url": ""
    "symbol": "ERIC B",
    "currency": "USD",
    "exchange": "d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
    "isin": "US4581401001",
    "kind": "OTHER",
    "change_y5": "12.321",
    "change_y3": "12.321",
    "change_y1": "12.321",
    "change_ytd": "12.321",
    "change_m6": "12.321",
    "change_m3": "12.321",
    "change_m1": "12.321",
    "change_w1": "12.321",
    "close_price": "12.321",

Explore our recipes for setting up and following profiles:

Groups: Encourage Collaboration and Active Engagement

Groups from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

With StockRepublic Groups, users can create public or private communities to exchange posts, transactions, and information about group members and top holdings. These local campfires boost engagement, fostering learning and collaboration among users.

Instruments: Comprehensive Financial Data at the Fingertips

The instrument view in the StockRepublic Whitelabel App

Access detailed financial instrument data using instrumentId (’d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851) or instrumentSlug (’ericsson-b), which includes symbols, currency, ISIN, pricing information, and performance history.

See our recipe on how to search for instruments:

Messaging: Enable Users to Connect with Fellow Traders

The messaging view from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

StockRepublic's platform facilitates one-on-one messaging, empowering users to share messages, images, transactions, instruments, and groups. This fosters valuable connections and knowledge sharing among users in the trading community.

Feeds: Keep Users Informed with the Latest Activity

Feed from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

Feeds are dynamic, paginated lists of posts related to profiles, instruments, groups, or transactions. They offer unique insights into user activities and discussions centered around specific instruments and can include posts with replies for engaging conversations.


Posts from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

Posts enable users to create content tied to profiles, instruments, groups, or transactions, ensuring visibility in the appropriate feeds. Users can share their thoughts and transactions, promoting transparency and accountability within the social trading community.

The example code below shows the schema for creating a post. The post is tied to an instrument “290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851”, and includes a title and content that tags the user “Bob” through a mention.

  “instrument”: “d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
  “profile”: null,
  “group”: null,
  “transaction”: null,
  “title”: “string”,
  “content”: “string”,
  “tags”: [
      “profile”: “d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
      “instrument”: null,
      “mention”: “Bob”

Explore our recipe on how to enable posting:

Transaction posts

The transaction post feature from the StockRepublic Whitelabel app

Allow users to share buy or sell transactions with profiles, groups, or instruments. Although sharing transactions publicly is optional, updating the user's portfolio with the new balance of instruments is required. This feature enhances transparency and supports informed trading decisions.