End-user Offboarding

How to handle data-retention when removing user accounts

Customer-initiated offboarding

When the user wants to remove their account from the platform, the clients should call the Delete user profile endpoint on behalf of the user. The end-result is a little different depending on the Delete Strategy agreed upon for the StockRepublic integration:

Delete strategies


With the Hard strategy, all user data will be permanently deleted, including posts, reactions, etc.


With the Soft strategy, the user and the profile will be set to "status": "DELETED", which means they, or their data will not appear anywhere on the platform, but their content and data is still stored. This method is useful if you need to implement a retention period, following which you can permanently delete the user's data via the partner endpoints by calling Delete user .


The deactivation strategy sets the user and the profile to "status": "DEACTIVATED", but does not hide them from the platform, so their posts will still be visible, and you can use the status flag to indicate that these users are no longer active. This method is useful when you don't wish to remove the context of certain posts and threads, by removing the content completely.

Partner-initiated offboarding

Via the partner endpoint Delete user, you can always permanently remove the user and all their data.